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Sorrento, Victoria



Shane'William McConnell is a specialty design boutique based in Melbourne Australia specalising in interior design for residential and corporate spaces.

Shane'William has worked in the design industry for many decades in fashion & interior.

He has been called to  design projects in Melbourne, London, New York, Los Angeles.

We specialise in interior design, identity, image, visual store layout and sales & growth. We share a strong understanding of the logistics vital to success and design in  business today.

Shane'William has been involved in the design industry and the running of his own businesses for over 30 years. His knowledge and experience in design has been gained through the successful operations of his own personal business interests.

Shane'William knows firsthand the importance of planning in advance, keeping 5 steps ahead, and the need to continually observe and study your competitors in your industry. To thrive he believes the right knowledge is the key to success if small business is your passion in this fast moving world. Shane'William will teach you all the secrets they don’t share at business school.


  • Interior design & Styling

  • Business Identity, image, Branding

  • Niche Marketing, sales growth, E2E process

  • Social media utilisation

  • Visual store layout, product relativity

  • Understanding Client/Customer mindset

  • Creating long lasting customer relationships



Monday- Friday