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How Fashion & Psychology are Linked: 23/August 2022

How are fashion and psychology linked you ask.

Well what if I told you that psychology is linked into everything you do, from how you see the world to how you respond to situations to everything you buy, say & believe. You see over 90% of people are programmed from birth, by how you are raised and the environment you are raised in.

Your role models and in most cases are our parents, meaning you will take on the ideologies & beliefs of mentioned parents. You will have mimicked and repeated their behaviours, actions & words.

Example: When I was growing up I would watch my father shave. He would fill the basin with warm water first then shake the shaving creme bottle then spray it into his hand, rub both hands together and apply evenly to his face. After each shaving stroke he would rinse his shaver in the basin until he finished his shave. He then would drain the basin, rinse it and refill with hot water and place in a face-cloth and then apply it to his face to clean and steam his skin.

I still to this day do the exact same thing. I do this because its a memory I have of my father and it gives me comfort.

My father was also the type of gentleman that no matter what and where he was going would always make sure he was smartly dressed. So that imprinted psychologically on my behaviour pattern to this day.

Before I start my day i will work out what i'm doing, who i'm seeing where i'm going and decide how i want to look and what I will be wearing.

There is also the opposite to this conditioning and that is some-will rebel against their parents just to do the opposite. This is still human psychology dictating your behaviour patterns.

This is all psychological programming.

So are you getting the gist of what i'm saying here. We are programmed to a certain degree until we become consciously aware of this fact and then we can start breaking free of patterns that no longer serve us. As once this realisation has occurred every choice and decision after this is now a conscious choice not a pre-programed thought and action. So the question is, do you dress for your true self or have your choices been engrained in you from a young age or even from a social group environment as you became older and independant and does your fashion reflect the true you and who you are and the message you want the word to know about you.

  • So this gentlemen is how fashion and psychology are inked in your choices.

Shane'William McConnell

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