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Shane'William McConnell’s talent, skills and knowledge of the fashion styling - interior, psychology coaching & small business industry both locally and internationally are in high demand and have led to his involvement in interviews, editorials and TV programs for his expert advise and judgement.

Through out his career, Shane'William has been one of the most covered designers & sought after for not just the many numerous photo shoots, runway show’s & celebrity client events in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York, Paris also for his extensive knowledge and experience in fashion, personnel coaching & business development.

Shane"William has 18 national magazine covers & featured in many editorial shoots & many TV appearances & interviews on air and in editorial print.

Shane'William currently is dedicated to his psychology coaching for men & mens fashion styling.

He will work with his clients on personnel & full wardrobe styling and psychology coaching.

Shane'William has built from the ground up many businesses, Shane McConnell Couture, McConnell Currell, The flower Cottage of Hawthorn, KRAVE Cafe lifestyle, N4 Collection Men, Outside IN Inside OUT personal stylist & Psychology coaching for men.

Shane'William McConnell


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