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Phil & Angela Ceberano

What you wearing in your wedding day ?

1. Shane McConnell, a Melbourne designer helped me design my dress.

I wanted something very romantic and vintage inspired. He was amazing to work with. He truly is Australia’s answer to Christian Dior.

2. What wedding organizing tip do you have or did you learn that might help others organizing their own wedding?

This comes from my own experience and all my friends who have recently been married: try not to be too upset or consumed by problems that come about in the lead up to your big day. I’m not sure why but people get a bit funny around weddings. They seem to bring out the best and worst in people. I think it’s the combination of joy, nerves, letting go, stress and low carb diets that sends everyone a bit mental before a wedding! Try not to take it on and look forward to the adventure of your life together once you’re married.

3. Any wedding day disasters? Yes!!! We had a very unpleasant experience with our vintage Rolls Royce, which involved us being in quite a serious car accident on the way to the wedding. It’s kind of funny now but was a little heart breaking at the time.

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