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Sharif Hidayat 16/08/2022

I worked with Sharif styling him for a new position in marketing in the hospitality arena.

He wanted a new look as he is working with high end resturante's & hotels in Jakarta & Bali & needed to look the part to impress his clients and fit with the image of the industrie.

As Sharif was in Bali at the time we corresponded by facetime and skype, he gave me his favorite brands in Jakarta & Bali, so I went online to select pieces for him to go in store to try on.

Once he was in-store we facetimed as he tried on each piece.

We styled him in blazers, skirts & black and blue denims, with a few casual trousers.

I also selected casual wear for his weekend meetings and pieces for social media marketing.

During our meetings, Sharif also experienced our psychology sessions, which helped him in being more self aware and able to read the room and engage more efficiently with his clients needs.