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Mick Horsby 2020

March 2020

When Mick proposed to Natasha he had a strong direction in how he wanted to look.

That look was the suit worn by Robbie Williams in his Party like a Russian video clip.

I was completely on board with his direction, as I was also designing and creating Natasha's wedding gown, it had to literally marry with the look of the gown. So we changed out the red

and placed in the cream velvet cuffs with leather gold trim, with a matching cummerbund.

Mick was placed into a crisp white wing tipped shirt and white bow tie. He's suit was tailored through the body and the leg of the suit was tapped to the ankle that sat just on his ankle as Mick was wearing loafers.

Mick & Natasha were married in the Russian Orthodox Church Pokrov in Brunswick East.