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Could you start by telling us about the style of Bride you dress?

"The Shane McConnell brand represents the modern bride.

We work with many different styles of bride, from the classic elegant to the modern, fashion forward bride. What they all have in common is that we help them look timeless. You can look at a McConnell bride from 20 years ago and she still looks modern today. That is what I have always aimed for.

Could you describe the Shane McConnell aesthetic and vision?

"The Shane McConnell brand is about quality; it’s directional and fashionable, with a modern elegance. We love to work with the bride to design and create her piece of art. We use unique and quality fabrics so her gown is bespoke, hand crafted from beginning to end. The Shane McConnell Couture brand is where the bride feels safe, where she knows that she is in good hands."

What are your favorite fabrics, trims and embellishments for wedding dresses?

"The current trend is nude illusions, and we love this as it creates a very modern, sexy and elegant look. At Shane McConnell Couture we love to work with different and unique fabrics, mixing textures and experimenting with design. We love to re-work several fabrics and details and combine them to become a one-off original. We use French laces, cotton laces and all forms of silks."

Could you tell us about the salon experience and the process of having a Shane McConnell gown made.

"The experience in having a Shane McConnell Couture wedding gown is that you will always work with me, the designer, from the first consultation to the final fitting of your gown upon pick up. Each bride is cared for from the beginning as her dream gown comes to life. We give her a full experience. The studio space has been personally designed by myself and features a modern and luxurious black and white interior, so that each bride feels like she is in her own private salon.

I have a valuable wealth of information that I have gained over 20 years in the bridal and fashion industry. I always pass this information on to my brides to make her feel confident, and look like a goddess on her wedding day. This includes advising her on the direction of her hair and make-up, and even to helping her choose the right flowers." What time frame should a bride leave to work with you?

"A proper time frame to have your gown made is always ideally 6 to 8 months prior to your wedding day, with 4 months as a minimum.

The reason for this is there are many other time frames to consider, such as fabric to be ordered, beading to be completed, fitting appointments and additional time for possible changes if required. Everything has a process."

What make a Shane McConnell gown so special?

"A Shane McConnell Couture gown is special because of the attention to the detail and the fit. Yes, couture is expensive, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about how it makes you feel. The moment a bride puts on her very own special McConnell gown it transforms her, it gives her more confidence. It changes her walk, her posture; it brings her alive. That’s what a Shane McConnell Couture gown does for a bride and that’s what makes it special." #shanemcconnellcouture #shanewilliammcconnell

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