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Libby Kennedy

Every Girl Dreams of being a bride

With preparations for her on-screen wedding back on track, Neighbours star Kym Valentine test-drives some gorgeous wedding gowns from Melbourne designer Shane McConnell Couture, As far as Neighbours fans are concerned, the wedding between Libby Kennedy and Drew Kirk is the most eagerly anticipated event of the coming year on TV. After many ups and downs, it's back on track... well, for the time being anyway! Regardless of whether or not Libby actually makes it to the altar with her handsome beau, Kym is happily allowing herself to be swept up in the joy of it all.

To get a feeling for what it might be like to play a TV bride, Kym visited her favourite designer Shane McConnell Couture. From the moment she walked through the door of Shane's stunning Melbourne showroom and tried on his designs, Kym was overcome with excitement and a few pre-wedding jitters!

"Every girl dreams of being a bride," she says. "Although I'm not ready to get married in real life, it's fun to pretend. And it will satisfy my mum. She's always wanted to see me in a wedding dress!" Shane had no trouble coming up with a few gowns to suit Kym. "Kym is a designer's dream!" he says. "She looks absolutely gorgeous in everything."

Shane Says: "This is a strapless deep fuchsia silk gown with a fathered silk bodice and hand beading, falling into a full traditional train."

Kym Says: "I fell in love with the colour of this gown the first time I saw it. It's conventional for a bride to wear white, but I think it's good to break with tradition every now and then."

Shane Says: "This is a candy pink coloured Thai silk gown with an A-line skirt and an angle draped bodice with a fully pleated center back train."

Kym Says: "This is another beautiful dress, I feel like Cinderella when I have it on."

Shane Says: "This is a strapless hand beaded silk chiffon gown with a semi A-line skirt. The gown is an ivory dress falling into a small train."

Kym Says: "I love stars, so how could I not love this? I think the lining of it is just beautiful. It's traditional, but also with a modern touch."

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